About Us

The purpose of the Association is to ensure that the communal areas such as gardens, entrance halls and stairs, bin stores, parking bays, etc. are properly used and maintained, and to liaise with Charles White, who are Factors for the Powderhall development and responsible for the placing and progressing of contracts for maintenance and remedial work. Anyone who owns a property in Powderhall Village is automatically a member of the Owners Association as a result of their having signed the legally binding Deed of Conditions at the time of purchase.

The way in which the Association works is that at the AGM, which is held at the start of each year, a Committee is elected comprising a Chairman, Secretary, and typically 8 to 10 members. This Committee meets regularly throughout the year to discuss matters of concern and, if appropriate, will instruct Charles White to undertake any action required. Each numbered address at Powderhall has a representative (a Stair Rep.) through whom information from the Committee is disseminated to all residents, either in person or via the communal notice boards. Stair Reps will also forward residents concerns for consideration by the Committee; there is one representative for the Town Houses in the development.

One or two committee members of the Association attend local community meetings to represent the views of the owners and residents of Powderhall Village.