Parking Policy

A parking policy has been adopted by the executive commitee of the Owners' Association to formalise the current parking scheme.

To view the policy, please click on the link in the Parking menu above. If you have any comments or suggestions for improvement, please contact the committee through the 'Contact PVOA' on the 'Contact Us' page.

Permit Replacement Fee

Because of the high number of incidents where tenants have not left the parking permits behind for the next residents, a fee is charged for the replacement of parking permits as follows.

  • For owner/occupied flats, the fee will be GBP10 per replacement permit.
  • For tenanted flats, the fee will be GBP50 per replacement permit.

This fee will be collected on behalf of the PVOA by Charles White through the quarterly invoices to the owners.

Parking Co-ordinators

The parking co-ordinators can be contacted through one of the following channels. Please do not contact them directly. Parking mailboxes will be checked at least once per week to see if there are any enquiries.

  1. By clicking on the Parking Enquiry link in the Parking menu above. A form will be displayed that allows you to enter your query and submit it to the parking mailbox.
  2. By emailing directly to the appropriate parking mailbox for your area. The email addresses will be displayed on the notice boards in each block.
  3. As a last resort and only if you don't have access to the internet or email, please contact P4 Parking as follows:
    Telephone: 0141 265 9500
    Post: P4 Parking
    Blue Square House
    272 Bath Street
    G2 4JR