Parking Policy

  1. Each residence will initially be issued with two parking permits, as follows.
    1. Resident's Permit - for permanent use with a private, licenced car only.
    2. Visitor's Permit - intended for the occasional, temporary use of visitors.
    In addition, residences with more than one car will be allowed to apply to the local parking co-ordinator for a second resident's permit, but proof that two cars are registered with residents at the same address may be required.
  2. No more than two resident's permits and one visitor's permits will be issued per residence.
  3. Any car parked in the private parking spaces will need to have a valid parking permit displayed at all times. The committee reserves the right to request increased patrols by the warden including times outside the core hours.
  4. Parking will be monitored by a uniformed warden from a specialist parking company, P4 Parking (P4).
  5. Parking charges will be issued to vehicles not displaying a permit, and P4 will process, collect, and retain the parking charges due.
  6. There will be a short grace period (approx. 10 minutes) for visitors to retrieve a visitor's permit from the resident that they are visiting before a parking charge will be issued. It will not be possible to cancel a parking charge, once issued, after this grace period.
  7. Resident's permits are intended for residents' use only. These permits must not be sold or lent to non-residents.
  8. It is intended that the visitor's permits are to be used whilst visiting residents of Powderhall Village. They must not be sold or lent to anyone to use to park at Powderhall and then go off elsewhere.
  9. If a visitor permit is not available, then the visitor should be directed to one of the parking spaces outside of the control of Powderhall Village. See the council parking map at the link to the left for details of those spaces within the estate that are outside our control.
  10. Due to the fact that there are approximately the same number of private parking spaces as there are residences at Powderhall Village, it should be recognised that possession of a permit doesn't guarantee a parking space.
  11. Cars should only be parked in marked parking bays as cars parked outside these areas may prevent access by emergency vehicles or they may force vehicles, including bin lorries, to drive over shrub beds. On occasion, rubbish bins have not been emptied because the lorry can't get near enough to a bin store.
  12. Parking co-ordinators will be appointed by the committee to be responsible for the issue and re-issue of permits, as well as for the cancellation of wrongly-issued parking charges for a specific area of Powderhall Village.
  13. Only parking co-ordinators have the authority to request a cancellation of a parking charge. P4 Parking will only act on their instructions.
  14. Please note that parking co-ordinators are only trying to ensure that the parking scheme works for the benefit of all residents. They should be treated with courtesy and respect at all times.
  15. It is the responsibility of owners and/or letting agents to ensure that all parking permits are retained on change of ownership/tenancy and passed on to the new residents.
  16. It is the responsibility of residents to ensure that their visitor's permits are returned after use.
  17. The committee reserves the right not to replace lost or stolen permits, or to levy a charge for doing so.
  18. If a permit is lost or cannot be retrieved from a previous resident, then the parking co-ordinator for your area should be notified. A new permit will be issued and the old permit will be cancelled to prevent further use.
  19. The committee, through the parking co-ordinators, reserves the right to cancel any parking permit on evidence of repeated mis-use (e.g. use of resident's permit by non-residents, use of visitor's permit by non-visitors, etc.). Registered holders of such permits will be contacted prior to the permit being cancelled and will have a right of appeal to the full committee.
  20. Once a permit has been cancelled, P4 Parking will be notified and the parking warden will be instructed to issue a parking charge to anyone using a cancelled permit.
  21. Residents with Blue Disabled Badges who have a car of their own or for their carer should contact their parking co-ordinators who may be able to designate a space close to the entrance of their block. However, please note that suitable spaces may NOT be available at the time of application.
  22. Parking permits should be used 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Although the parking warden will normally only patrol during the working week, if overnight and weekend parking by non-residents/unauthorised visitors becomes a problem, additional out-of-hours patrols may be organised to discourage this practice.
  23. The committee reserves the right to change this parking policy in the future. Adequate notice of any changes will be distributed via the association website, stair reps, notice boards, and via Charles White.

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