Living Together - Dos and Don'ts

Living Together

All owners at Powderhall Village signed their acceptance of the developer' "Deed of Conditions" when they purchased their properties. The reason for having such a document is to make Powderhall Village a desireable, attractive, and safe place to live; thereby helping to maintain the value of all of our properties.

At a recent meeting, the committee decided that it was timely to remind all of us, owners and tenants, of some of the conditions to which we have all signed up, directly or indirectly, and to add a few commonsense suggestions that will avoid unnecessary problems.


  • Aerials and satellite receiver dishes should not be erected [6.1.2]
  • Overnight parking of licensed private cars only (excludes unlicensed vehicles, minibuses, vans, commercial vehicles, mobile homes, and caravanettes) [7.4]
  • No trade or business should be carried out from any property [7.5]
  • No clothes, window boxes or other items should be hund at or from windows and balconies. However, it would seem sensible to allow window boxes provided that they are fixed to the inside of any balcony or railing for safety. [7.6]
  • Pets can be kept provided that they are not an annoyance to other residents. Dogs on the common areas should be on a lead and attended. [7.7]

    Please be conscientious about clearing up any fouling caused by your dog.

  • All the common areas in each block, such as stairs and landings, are fire escape routes and must be kept clear at all times. [7.8]

Additional Dos and Don'ts

  • Respect the garden areas by not walking through planted beds and hedges or playing ball games close to such areas
  • Don't park outside the designated parking bays. This often causes delivery and refuse lorries to drive over planted areas and may cause difficulties for emergency vehicles trying to access the development. If the bin men are not able to access the bin stores, then the bins will not be emptied.
  • As parking at Powderhall Village is restricted, please park considerately within parking bays by not occupying more than one parking bay.
  • Don't dump unwanted items in the bin stores, corridors, or outside the blocks. These will not be taken by the bin men and if they cannot access the large bins, they will not be emptied. The Council will make one free uplift of such items (6 max.) per household per annum. To arrange for an uplift, phone 0131 529 3030 and a date will be given on which the items for collection must be placed outside the bin store by 7:00am that day.
  • Use the recycling bins provided by taking papers, glass, and packaging materials in person to the bin stores. Bottles and cans should be rinsed and collapsed (where possible) and cardboard boxes should be collapsed before being put into the appropriate bin.
  • Don't put items down any rubbish chute whose size or shape is likely to cause a blockage, or whose contents are likely to spill and make a mess. Such items should be placed manually in one of the large bins.
  • Only small, tightly-tied bags of non-recyclable rubbish should be put down a chute.
  • Please show consideration for your neighbours by not using the chutes late at night.
  • For everyone's security, do not allow anyone that you do not know into any building.