Living Together - Dos and Don'ts


  • Aerials and satellite receiver dishes should not be erected [6.1.2]
  • Overnight parking of licensed private cars only (excludes unlicensed vehicles, minibuses, vans, commercial vehicles, mobile homes, and caravanettes) [7.4]
  • No trade or business should be carried out from any property [7.5]
  • No clothes, window boxes or other items should be hund at or from windows and balconies. However, it would seem sensible to allow window boxes provided that they are fixed to the inside of any balcony or railing for safety. [7.6]
  • Pets can be kept provided that they are not an annoyance to other residents. Dogs on the common areas should be on a lead and attended. [7.7]

    Please be conscientious about clearing up any fouling caused by your dog.

  • All the common areas in each block, such as stairs and landings, are fire escape routes and must be kept clear at all times. [7.8]