Cleaning of Common Areas


  1. Sweep and mop stairs and landings.
  2. Vacuum carpeted areas on stairs and landings.
  3. Vacuum lift floors.
  4. Vacuum entrance mat.
  5. Wet wipe stair nosings.
  6. Polish bannisters and ledges.
  7. Dust railings, dados, skirtings, and light fittings.
  8. Remove cobwebs generally.
  9. Remove cobwebs from porchways and outside lights.
  10. Sweep entrance and exit tiles.
  11. Clean lift interior and mirror.
  12. Clean internal door glass as necessary.
  13. Polish brass on internal doors.
  14. Sweep bin stores.


  1. Clean stair windows inside and out.
  2. Wipe down entrance and exit doors, sills, and porch wood panel ceilings.
  3. Clean glass on internal doors.