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The Contact Pages on this website are temporarily offline in order to upgrade the security on them. They will be re-instated as soon as possible.

Powderhall Village is on Facebook!

Powderhall Village now has an operational Facebook Page! From within Facebook, search for 'Powderhall Village Residents' or click on the f at the bottom of any page on this web site! All owners and residents who wish to keep in touch with one another are encouraged to make use of it. In tandem with the Powderhall Village Web Site, this will hopefully initiate far better communications and discussion.

Please note that this is a membership-only Group. You will need to submit a request to join the Group before you are able to post messages.

Brightening up the grounds of Powderhall Village

We are fortunate here in Powderhall to have beautiful grounds that are well looked after by our gardeners. However, the Powderhall Village Owners' Association thinks some parts of the grounds would benefit from the introduction of a little more colour. We have set up a Gardening Sub-Committee and met with our gardening contractor to discuss some ideas. In addition, some of us have identified small areas near to our blocks where we’ve planted a few bulbs or small flowering plants and kept an eye on them, watering/staking them when needed. We’re wondering if anyone else in the complex is interested in doing a similar thing for their block. We recognise that some blocks are fine and already have plenty of colour, it’s just certain areas that are lacking.

We bought the plants ourselves but the PVOA has also made a small annual budget available to buy some items if necessary. Any additional planting will need to be co-ordinated by the Gardening Sub-committee and our gardening contractor, and be in keeping with the rest of the grounds.

If you are interested in getting involved please use the Contact Gardening Sub-Committee link in the Contact Us menu to get in touch.

History of Powderhall

If you are interested in finding a bit about the Powderhall area, a brief history can be found via the About Us menu.