Specification of Landscaping Maintenance

General Inclusions

  1. Disposal of refuse arising from the operations, away from the estate at each visit.
  2. Collect and dispose of general litter from the landscaped areas at each visit.
  3. Sweep up and dispose of fallen leaves from amenity grass areas, paths and beds. A minimum of five visits.
  4. Regular inspection of all trees and shrubs for vandalism and storm damage. Trim or remove damaged branches.

Amenity Grass Areas

  1. Allow for at least 15 cuts during the growing season, April to October, with no more than 2 weeks between cuts.
  2. Rake and lift grass cuttings after each cut.
  3. Neatly strim all grass edges.

Paths, Carparks, and Roads

  1. Hard surfaces to be maintained weed free in areas not adopted by the local authority.
  2. Carparks are to be kept clean and tidy, swept if necessary.

Winter Maintenance

  1. The estate is to be visited once each month throughout the winter for general maintenance.


  1. Any other gardening requirements can be discussed and included specification.